THE WAY I Plan My Weekly Menu & My Get Fit Planner!


THE WAY I Plan My Weekly Menu & My Get Fit Planner!

I can’t believe it’s almost October and I haven’t made any planner videos for the entire year! Well I’ve got an extremely good reason – I had been all over the accepted place with it! LOL It’s taken me months to finally find out something that works for me personally. You see, in January 2017 starting, I decided I didn’t want my weekly menu planning to be so structured.

So, I started a new system that’s been gradually evolving since then. Months of viewing what has worked, with activity as well as meals have finally made it possible to show you what I’m doing. You are hoped by me find it useful. Before we get into the tips, there are a few what to remember.

First, I only usually plan my meals as my breakfast time is always the same almost. I have egg whites with veggies (every day it’s a different combination!) and a relative part of avocado bagel/toast. Then, with regards to the true points I’ll spend for dinner, I’ll either add more to my breakfast, or use my points for snacks.

Trust me, everything computes! I’m really loving the freedom this system gives me and the sensation of empowerment and control over what I’m eating. The Listonic can be used by me app on my computer. HEB has an amazing digital coupon application on Android or iPhone also. Target also offers coupons on its Cartwheel App on Android or iPhone.

Track Every Meal on the Weight Watchers App. I’m using the Get Fit Planner. View it on Amazon. Create 365 – The Happy Planner Fitness Value Pack Stickers at Micheals. Yr Plastic material Stencil by Recollections at Micheals Creative. Or view it on Amazon(affiliate link). And neglect to look at DivaPulse on YouTube don’t! She’s also on the weight loss journey and an incredible Diva! See my Fitness Routine post here. Just how are you planning? Perhaps you have made any changes? Share them with me!

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An average man, on the other hand, requires around 2500 calories from fat each day to keep up his weight, and 2000 to reduce one pound of weight weekly. That’s where portion control will come in. If you’re eating more calories than your body needs, the body will take those extra calories and store them as fats.

The more extra calories you consumer, the more body fat you’ll store. So, in order to lessen those extra calorie consumption being stored as fat, we may use portion control to make sure we are eating what the body actually needs. The reason why this is so difficult for many folks to do is we are constantly given larger portions than we need. This causes us to eat more without recognizing we’ve over-eaten even, causing weight gain. By portioning out our food and managing the levels of food we put into our bodies, we can essentially seize control over how much of our food shall be stored as fat.