Was Prince Adam Really 11 When He Was Transformed?


Was Prince Adam Really 11 When He Was Transformed?

Was Prince Adam Really 11 When He Was Transformed? 1

I recently watched “Enchanted Christmas” and can totally see by Adam’s body gestures and speech pattern that he probably was 11 on that fateful Christmas Eve. If you are looking at the stained cup in order to discern the prince’s true age group, you want to in the wrong place. Depictions of people in stained glass are usually more symbolic rather than literal in regards to a person’s status.

Besides, the apparel worn by the prince in the stained cup seems to be more reflective of Medieval times rather than 18th-century France (when the events of the film happen). If you are also racking your brains on Chip’s age, it is very possible that he is ten at the ultimate end of the story.

This means that he was born human just before the spell was cast. This explains why he seems so comfortable being truly a little teacup and never mentions how much he misses being a human being, unlike the adult servants. In “Enchanted Christmas” Adam and Belle present Chip with a storybook, only a calendar year more than Chip similar to the one Lumiere provided Adam when he was. Maybe Adam sees this as a minor right of passage for Chip.

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Maybe Adam saw more in Lumiere’s present than he let on which is the reason why he believes a storybook to be a good present for a pre-teen young man. Paris rather than home with him. When none of them promised that they might make sure his parents would come home, he became stubborn and refused to show any thanks for the gifts offered to him. He chose to act out as a spoiled brat.

However, this is only my opinion; the price’s behavior is up for interpretation. No matter what age group the prince was when he was cursed, the animators did wish him to be 21 at the final end of the story. One of the Disney animators described the beast as a normal 21-year-old male- unsure of himself, nervous about love, and despite having a hint of childish innocence- trapped in a hideous, formidable form.

P.S. I know this makes no difference regarding the answer to this posted question, but ‘Beauty and the Beast were not released in 1994 (if you don’t be thinking of the Broadway play). It was released in 1991, twelve months before I was born (sorry, just thought I’d add some extra trivia in there). So yes, I am the same age group as Prince Adam when he is broken free from his curse.

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