Pink And Undecided


Pink And Undecided

I feel a little bit just like a zombie at the moment.. Can you see how the box’s quite messy and filthy? The container it found its way to and the overall outside product packaging was okay, that is why i was astonished when i saw the health of the products inside.. You can’t view it obviously on the pictures above, the box’s actually a shimmery light greyish colored.

This month’s theme’s appeared to be about travel, there’s a big, postcard like cards with travel checklist using one side and the set of products presented in this month’s container on the other. Vouchers of J.F. Kay and Lazartigue Collection and a flier of Sampar products. Again, nearly jumping along in excitement because the vouchers can only just be used in Jakarta!

  • Vitamin B3 (improves elasticity of the skin),
  • Preposition/verb: result, backbone, overthrow
  • CP Serum Copper Peptides Serum Skin Biology
  • 2 tablespoons of surface oatmeal or oat powder

That would definitely goes to the bin for non-Jakarta residents, right! Up to now the only vouchers that excited me was the Wet and Wild voucher from May Beauty Treats, but that totally became a disappointment too! Okay, let’s get on with the stuffs inside. Skin Aqua collection (containing UV Moisture Gel, UV Mild Milk, UV Whitening Milk and UV Moisture Milk), but they caught my eyes for all the wrong reasons sadly :(. Look at the rest of the stuffs, i simply realized even the ribbon that must’ve supposedly wrapped throughout the wrapping paper just strewn around like in the picture below.

Can you start to see the discoloration on the box? I guess that’s because the creams that spilt out rubbed against the blue foil packaging of Orlane perfume and moved the blue pass away to the box! The Skin was examined by me Aqua and recognized three out of four containers were completely unfilled, only one got some lotions in it still. I used to be super gutted of and immediately tweeted Lola Box telling them about the condition of the Skin Aqua set.

Much to my surprise, they tweeted me almost instantly requesting me to check on my e-mail back. They asked me further about the health of the rest of the products and proceed on telling me that they can be sending me a new group of Skin Aqua on the very next day (today, while i’m writing this)! So yeah, i had been consoled and i have to say immediately, i am very satisfied with their fast response and exactly how they easily find a remedy so that their customer wouldn’t be disappointed.

Moving on to the next item.. Like normal, atlanta divorce attorneys beauty containers i’ve received up to now there’d continually be a brand that highlighted more items than the rest. This time it’s Clarins for Lola Box. I think Clarins is very associated with beauty containers positively. In short i believe they were wayy to little for body care samples.

Especially the scrub, it comes in a very very small tube, i’m uncertain that would be enough for just one use! The celulite control and tonic body treatment is slightly better, but nonetheless would only be adequate for one use i think. I can never stress enough how one time usage can pass as a trial period never. So, not excited about those. A hair product. Meh.