Anyway, On To The Actual Post


Anyway, On To The Actual Post

As the majority of you know Anna (TheStyleDiet) and I’ve formed a camaraderie over the years on you tube. Anyway, to the actual post. Year for Christmas we decided to do a Christmas swap with each other This. Basically we just picked up gifts for each and every others families and since they stay in Ireland and we are in the united states, we sent things to the other person that the other couldn’t get in their hometown. That is a glossy dark red lipgloss with hook sparkle to it really.

Smells fruity and possesses a clean applicator that i love! This is a nice little trio with a highlight color and then a gentle mauve with a sheen and a deep plum. Each is shimmery. Ideal for blue vision or green face. I used them all today plus they looked really lovely for this sultry plum smokey eyeball.

  1. Not enough hyaluronic acid
  2. TROUBLE CARE is known as PRODUCTS FOR OILY SKIN (acne and acne prone)
  3. Jun 25, 2019 at 2:05 PM
  4. Barely Visible Spots – it is under the surface but it casts an uneven hue across the skin
  5. 14 months ago from New York, NY

I forgot to put on my normal eyes primer so by the finish of the day they did involve some creasing but still viewed nice and true to color. It’s a good combo between a rosy red and peach and I think it would work effectively on a range of skin tones.

I wore this today with the Nyx Deep Red liner underneath and it was very pretty. Just a nice profound red lip, of year exquisite for this time. It can have an average lipstick smell but it remained on beautifully and the product packaging is liked by me. Wow I feel old now! So there are the makeup bits and swatches as promised. Typical me forgot to take a picture of my makeup for the day, today other than the lip gloss and I adored them all but I did so wear all of these items.

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