Galaxy Note 7 Explosion (2019)


Galaxy Note 7 Explosion (2019)

A virtue theorist would follow a strategy just like Kantianism with more focus on the means and less focus on the ends. “Act in order to embody a variety of virtuous or good personality traits and in order to avoid vicious or bad personality features” (Salazar 22). When you are impatient using their deadlines Samsung shown poor judgement and poor character. The lack of moderation is what caused them release a a defective product and additional impatience is exactly what caused them release a a faulty replacement unit. Samsung then tried covering up the harm to keep sales moving away from greed and not with concern for Galaxy customers.

Then by sending out a dangerous replacing without properly analyzing the flaws they acted out of their own self-interest, without respect because of their stakeholders. Integrity and trustworthiness are important virtues that Samsung disregarded using their messy damage control also. They broke the consumers trust when they said they solved the problem without actually solving anything. It might be difficult for the marketplace to trust Samsung again after this.

Samsung experienced a responsibility to resolve the problem before liberating a replacement however they failed to achieve this. When term got out that alternative phones were defective this embellished the scandal even more on the management involved and put the companies safety methods and morals into question. The final final result was the termination of an extremely expensive product, the loss of business partners and doubt for the future of the business. Samsung’s current philosophy is “to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society” (Samsung).

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My suggestion is “to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products that better a worldwide culture built on trust, empathy” and excellence. The new mission statement sticks to the firms established vision while adding key dependencies for future years success of the business. Trust should be the cornerstone for the new brand as they concentrate on establishing trust between every stakeholder included. Empathy needs to be projected to its customers as well as they ensure that the public understands Samsung is taking this problem seriously.

Second, brilliance in everything they do, by highlighting new objectives for product functionality and safety measures to ensure excellence in their business procedures from developing to marketing. · Excellence – The products ability to benefit the customer should be more important than any deadline or release day. · Empathy – Every new sale is a new relationship. Relationships are designed when a customer is recognized and a company shows them that they value benefiting them.

1. Samsung must show the customer what they are doing in a different way and exactly how they’re actions will resolve their current worries about future products. A commercial should focus on handling the problem, showing a new safety division with employee testimonials. The commercial could end with a environment that shows a family using the products in their house or maybe even a funny picture on a plane that lightens up the issue.