3 Areas Marketers Must CONCENTRATE ON In AGE The ..


3 Areas Marketers Must CONCENTRATE ON In AGE The ..

3 Areas Marketers Must CONCENTRATE ON In AGE The .. 1

“THE PRESENT DAY Marketing Influencer Blog Series asked top influencers from over the marketing spectrum what’s on the minds and what topics and pressing issues in their areas they feel are begging for more insight. The connected customer is always consuming information and leaving digital fingerprints, providing two data streams that modern marketers must access and then integrate to their planning. As the linked customer peruses apps and channels, posts content, and plans purchases, marketers need to meet customers on the terms with engaging content and messages that reflect where they have been and where they are going next. How do marketers ensure buyers have great encounters throughout the whole customer lifecycle? Ultimately, we’re talking about customer experience (CX).

The problem is that customers are more linked than previously, but brands yet aren’t there, so customers will often have disappointing encounters at the beginning or down the road during their brand relationships. They might have great encounters in the onboarding phase but then have a bad experience with a product upgrade; or they love their first purchase but are regretting the second, and know very well what to do don’t.

CX is the amount of all interactions a customer has with a business over the life of the relationship with that brand, and, more importantly, the feelings, emotions, and perceptions the customer experiences with those connections. The growing quantity of touches and connections connected customers take part in amplifies the necessity for brands to deliver consistently great experiences.

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Today that means an experience that is customized, consistent, relevant, timely, convenient, easy/frictionless – and seamless, of touchpoint regardless. And communications – a critical component of the customer experience – must be captivating, engaging, authentic, trustworthy, and in real time. To become more connected, brands should do more than think about route and channels strategies. It’s difficult to personalize an experience if you don’t know the who, the what, or the why. The linked customer is seamlessly linked to brands, content, and support without much regard for channel. As a matter of fact, most of the right time, it all happens on the cell phones. And more and more, they’re linking via their smart home devices also.

Their anticipations are that brands know them, anticipate their next techniques, and connect in real-time with content that is timely and relevant for the journey they may be on. In short, they need instant gratification. Those objectives arise from the knowledge that brands track customers’ every click, so they should have the data to provide desired encounters.

Any deviance out of this expectation leads to dissatisfaction and, ultimately, causes customers to defect. To attain the expected experience requires an enterprise-wide approach that includes the right culture, the right planning, the right people, and the right technology – not to mention the right data at the right time. Marketers must have access to the data that customers are posting as they interact with brands. The info is mixed and huge, from comments from customers in research and on social media, to purchase and other interaction data, to website analytics and more.