The difference with them and us today is that they were far more energetic than we are. Many of them were involved in manual labor of some sort so had no problem burning huge amounts of calories from fat at one sitting down.That type or kind of eating is not ideal for our modern work free lives. Most of us do nothing at all that even vaguely resembles ‘work’ in the course of our day.

We sit the vast majority of our waking hours. In the automobile on the path to work, at work, back in the car along the way home and our evenings are allocated to the sofa watching television. A day Many of us still try and eat three meals, we will often have a little breakfast (if) a medium sized lunch and a large dinner, which might include dessert also. We have been taught before that snacking or eating between meals is bad – and we’ve been told it would ruin our appetite.

Also essential is Ionix Supreme, so that as an adaptogen-rich drink, it can be just what’s needed to best support memory, concentrate, attention, athletic performance, and healthy maturity. You’ll save 30-40% off the retail price. Selye H (1996-2010). “THE TYPE of Stress.” International Center for Nutritional Research, Inc. Date Accessed: February 2012..Edward, F. Effects of Stress.

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