It Comes With 12 Magnets


It Comes With 12 Magnets

I don’t have any plans to make more boards right now, sorry if you were wishing to buy one. So understand that time I visited the build good and sold Make-up Magnet Boards? I told you I had some left and I’d post them here but I haven’t actually done that yet.

Well I’m finally ready to post them. The measurements I’m listing below don’t are the frame, it is the magnetic area only and please be aware that these boards will not come with my makeup, you need to add your own. First up is one of my favourites, this black mustard and fabric framework procedures 10″x13″. It includes 10 magnets and a tall brush holder. You can view that the frame has a lot of great detailing to it and it’s been glazed to bring that out.

This blue and cream combo is 12″x18″. It includes the same brush holder and 10 magnets also. Love this classy beige and black one. The frame has some nice details to it and the colours are extremely crisp. This is the last of my large size frames and if you have a good measured make-up collection it’s the one I’d choose. This framework is 16″x20″. It comes with 12 magnets, a tall clean holder and a little mesh container as well to carry attention liners, mascara, anything and base else you want to set up there.

  • Just maintaining the trends
  • 8 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona
  • They donate 1% of their sales to charities that help the planet
  • 4 oz. $17.50
  • Wait til the finalists are announced and verified on April 26 6pm
  • (3.53 oz .) blue fondant to hide the board (optional)

The framework is a pretty turquoise that goes well with the gray. So you have it there, 4 frames left and if you love some of them they can be yours. Let’s speak a little about delivery though. I’m only heading to deliver these to Canada and the united states and you’ll need to pay the delivery cost. 10 off the price to help make that less painful. Also, one latter, I’m going right down to Idaho Falls and the Salt Lake area next week if you lived around there we could probably work out some sort of delivery. I’m also ready to deliver if you’re someone I understand.

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