Five Myths And Five TRICKS FOR Breaking RIGHT INTO A Career AS BEING A Fashion Designer


Five Myths And Five TRICKS FOR Breaking RIGHT INTO A Career AS BEING A Fashion Designer

Becoming a fashion designer is a lifelong desire for many of us. Becoming a designer is a lifelong dream for many of us. We all like to wear beautiful clothes and make ourselves feel good from the within out. Karen and Warren Hipwell, for instance, started and operate design studio using their residence in Massachusetts still.

Despite their humble start, now their products can be purchased in 110 merchants nationwide. New York or Los Angeles. They are more than myths no. Let me briefly explain them for you. Myth One: I have never worn “designer” clothes. Myth Two: I don’t have a fashion level. Reality: Unlike the medical professions, which require intensive class room and hands-on training, you can understand how to design anywhere. No special education is necessary.

Myth Three: I live far away from NY or Los Angeles. 10,000, there has to be at least a few local fashion designers. Myth Four: I cannot draw or sew. Reality: Nobody can at the beginning. Strong perseverance and motivation are more important than how you can draw or sew.

Such skills can be learned easily (including using some free resources). Myth Five: I don’t feel comfortable employed in a high-profile industry. Thus, the purpose is genuine business. The better the coverage, the better the sales will be. Fashion designers work very difficult for 18 to 24 months to provide the best designs of the season.

First, a fashion designer is an musician and a business owner in a single. Many designers fail because of this. Third, understand what your job goal is. You can choose whether you want to work for others or for yourself. Fourth, match the industry developments and news. Travel and read a lot to be informed and inspired. New insights will keep your creative skills fresh and ready to roll.

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