I will discuss my PERSONAL opinion and reviews of Fabletics and Ellie because I’ve published about them before and I’ve suggested them. Back in November I submitted about my two month membership buys from the new Fabletics site So. It really is now almost a year later and I haven’t been able to wear the clothes I purchased from them because its either too big or too small.

The larges are too large around my waistline but tight on my thighs and the mediums are too small. They need to not be produced for curvy young ladies. I attempted Fabletics because I am frustrated with Ellie’s customer service, lack of choices and slow shipping. I liked the Fabletics site, choices and fast delivery. However, I experienced like a few of the pictures were deceiving. I purchased a blue top and it was very long, never how they pictured it online.

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I made a decision to cancel after 2 months and practially had to go thru an action of congress and over 45 mins merely to cancel my account. Once I did, I haven’t gotten any more charges on my credit card so that was good. Yr now I have already been purchasing from them for over one.

I was an “ambassdaor” for several months and acquired 3 different connections with the company. I kept giving them the benefit on the doubt because they were a fresh company. But every time I got a new Ellie company ambassador contact I’d question, why do their employees keep leaving? I finally deleted my ambassador coupon and link off my blog aspect pub because they said they weren’t offering discounts any longer thru links plus they didn’t’ come with an ambassador pgoram. I asked about it online last month, someone said these were still an ambassador, so who knows?

I can’t recommend their site any longer to people because I feel its really deceitful to charge individuals credit cards and then wait around 3-6 weeks to ship products to people! They have always experienced slow shipping, until per month later but its absolutely ridiculous never to even Deliver a product away! Then its another fourteen days before I get my package after they ship.

When customers ask for monitoring info or shipping updates, they receive false information or never solved on facebook. Back in December, they revamped their website and overnight totally changed their ordering and subscription packages without notifying or telling some of their customers! One day you could order 2 items for 49.95 with free shipping, the next day they offered package deals for 49.95 or more!

It appears these were copying the exact structure and ordering recommendations as Fabletics. I liked getting the flexibility to order 2 trousers or 2 tops every month-any two items, not an clothing of a high and bottom that was selected and matched up by the business pre. So I didn’t order anything from Ellie for Jan or Feb as I waited to allow them to workout the kinks of the new ordering and got things under control. I don’t even keep in mind what I purchased, seriously! March 28th no deal is got by me from Ellie and no delivery info from them.

I LOVE Ellies colors and designs (generally) which is why I’ve purchased from them nearly every month and stuck with them thru all the business changes-multiple changes.. I wear Ellie exercise tops and bottoms (I’ve mainly bottoms) multiple times weekly! But sadly I don’t feel like I could recommend them or that I should even bother buying from them anymore. I guess I’ll just adhere to Old Navy and Kohls active wear when it continues on sale. Have you had any encounters with Fabletics or Ellie? What did you think?

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