7. Determine Ring Size


7. Determine Ring Size

Visit the VDS organiser web page to see what models and sizes are available. 2. A couple of two main styles – TouchMe & Custom. 3. TouchMe is available in many sizes, but only in brown or black and is NOT customisable. Note: You can ask for the A5 TouchMe to include 35mm rings but it isn’t made to accomodate this size, so inserts/dividers could easily get crunched. View a comparison between your default 25mm rings, and the 35mm rings. 4. Custom is available in many sizes, you can choose the leather, colour, ring size, ring & popper color (available in platinum or gold) and stitching color; any other customisations may be discussed on a complete case by case basis.

5. If you choose to get a TouchMe, please leap to point 8. If you opt to do a Custom, go to the next point. 6. If you choose to do a Custom, look over the available leather options and pick your outside colour (printing or not) and inside colour. Note: some of these leathers can be utilized inside or outside as well. 7. Determine ring size, stitching color, ring and popper colour.

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  • Type your printing device IP address in to the text package, and then click Next
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9. Petra Van der Spek is lovely, and is pleased to take photos of your chosen colour combos to help you decide. Take advantage of this to help you create a good choice re: your Custom. 10. Once you make your final decision or if you choose to get a TouchMe, Petra will give you the estimate, and if you consent she shall send you a PayPal invoice.

11. On receipt of payment, your TouchMe will be sent immediately. If you execute a Custom, normally it takes up to 3 weeks (with regards to the back log of orders they go through) before it’ll be shipped. ALL shipped organisers are delivered with tracking, so you can easily see where it is every step of the way. Are available, but do not automatically include the organiser. If you’d like one, please ask in your email.

For example, getting initials embossed on the ouside of your planner. VDS can send photos of the styles available and placement options. A supplementary pen loop is possible on the remaining aspect of your planner. Cost € 18.50 additional. You shall find the latest version of the guide on Facebook, thank you Zeb because of this excellent guide.

You may choose a more “floppy” feeling binder. You can ask for the stiffening to be removed (at no extra cost.) This program is available when buying a Custom binder. Note that the mechanism that the rings attach to. When you first get a binder there might be some “squeaking.after weekly or so useful ” This will disappear.

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