Philadelphia Church Of God Leads Laodicean Era


Philadelphia Church Of God Leads Laodicean Era

I have proven to myself, most prayerfully, that the Philadelphia Church of God is the most unique of all the groups who’ve distanced themselves from the Worldwide Church of God’s doctrinal changes. Only Malachi’s Message obviously speaks with AUTHORITY rather than “like the scribes” (Matt. I’ve listened carefully for THE Voice of the Shepherd, hearing the actual Spirit says to God’s Church today, checking out everything with the Bible and what Mr. Armstrong faithfully taught us (John 10:3; Rev. 3:22; II Thess. Of working with Christ Instead, some have chosen to do their own thing, adding to the Church’s condition of dilemma, rather than assisting to RESTORE ORDER (I Cor.

Restored to Zion! If I’m so persuaded that Christ is ONLY with the PCG, which the others are self-willed, generally, resisting God’s lead, why don’t I go to their services? (Matt. And how can I believe that God is actively working through me in the Middle East? Because I’ve unjustly been disfellowshipped (II Thess. GOD and that God can use a donkey to deliver it! (I Cor.

Minister Dennis Leap wickedly disfellowshipped me for thinking that GOD has ORDAINED that I will promote its timely truth (Isa. I’ve come to better recognize that God has already started the TRANSITIONAL Procedure for RESTORING His Menorah – His Lampstand to JERUSALEM! (I Kgs. As prophesied, a NATIONAL MESSENGER would be on active duty in Jerusalem, preparing just how for Messiah’s imminent come back! (Zech.

God reveals He’d send this outspoken person to deliver a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a SCORCHING CONDEMNATION to the NATIONS – just before NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who’ve turned down GOD’S ULTIMATUM! (Isa. God’s Word will prevail! (Jer. God MUST grant “political immunity” to His Two Witnesses, so they can be free to say and do everything that He commands boldly, even although world will regard them as general public foe number one! (Ps. Undeterred, they’ll keep on God’s Work and provide as His public government spokesmen, in the hostile face of brutal opposition even! (Jer.

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Mr. Armstrong’s Experiences In the words of Mr. Armstrong, discussing his dealings with certain Sardis ministers, “I WILL Not Hide the FACTS!” (Autobiography of HWA, Vol. Their mind man admitted what Mr. Armstrong pointed out was true, but feared it could annoyed many of the users and even threaten to divide the Church! “Naturally, this shook my confidence considerably.” (Autobiography of HWA, Vol. Mr. Leap discussed it beside me on the telephone. That’s not “radical,” it’s BIBLICAL! Minister Carl Craven read Beyond Babylon and acknowledged it as biblical also.

He said he hadn’t appeared up every scripture, but was sure if he had they’d also be used properly. I commented that I understand it’s Biblical, but which i was waiting for headquarters to confirm that to themselves as well just. He expressed a knowledge of how it’s difficult to show patience meanwhile. When Mr. Leap did call, it was to instruct me to STAY HOME FROM SABBATH SERVICES while he looked at the reserve!

I didn’t recall such an unusual request being manufactured from Mr. Armstrong, and recognized it went against “innocent until proven guilty,” but appreciated with the expectation of returning soon (Jn. After some time, I called Mr. Leap. He said he’d read Elements of the book, which it wasn’t important whether Mr. Flurry experienced read it or not (even though I’d been led to believe he’d complete it on to him). He also noted, like Mr. Turgeon, that the majority of it is what we already teach.