JP Morgan Owned Shipping Vessel Seized With $1.3b In Cocaine (2019)


JP Morgan Owned Shipping Vessel Seized With $1.3b In Cocaine (2019)

On June 17, 2019, america Customs and Border Protection seized 20 tons of cocaine that have been enclosed within the delivery containers aboard the MSC Gayane in Philadelphia, OA as it travelled from Chile to Europe. This helps it be one of the largest seizures of cocaine in the past background of the United States.

The Gayane is a delivery vessel that is owned by JP Morgan and leased out to the Mediterranean Shipping Company. The 20 a great deal of cocaine were concealed inside of shipping storage containers whose seals were taken off and changed with near similar ones. The situation and JP Morgan’s subsequent silence on the incident has taken up questions on if the organization was associated with any of the drug trafficking.

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Because JP Morgan is just the owner, we may want to look at whether the Mediterranean Shipping Company could be responsible here. The case is being looked into by america Authorities presently. The stakeholders in cases like this would be: JP Morgan, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, drug dealers, and cocaine users. Since the Gayane is a vessel possessed by JP Morgan, any wrong doings shall be connected back to them. JP Morgan needs to make sure it has control over the types of operations occurring up to speed to avoid scandals that can cost a fortune.

An Individualist would view JP Morgan’s conduct as ethical as the business was not knowingly participating in medication trafficking. Individualism is the idea that businesses should be centered on making as much profit but doing this lawfully (Salazar 17). Because JP Morgan is leasing the vessel to some other organization, they are receiving payments for interest plus principal.

They aren’t receiving money from the transport of drugs. According to a July 2019 Wall Street Journal article, individuals profiting out of this were the ones getting cocaine on board (Paris). A Utilitarian could treat this as unethical when taking the lack of reaction by JP Morgan into account. A Kantian would view JP Morgan as honest in this situation.

Virtue Theorists would likely not view this as ethical mainly because of the response by JP Morgan. Virtue Theory is an ethical theory based on someone’s character. The four main virtues are: courage, integrity, temperance, and justice. Being courageous means that you can stand up for what’s right. In this case, JP Morgan failed to showcase this by not taking action following the incident.