Adopting A Stray Cat


Adopting A Stray Cat

I love felines, kitten more than every other animal. Though, I really like dogs, puppies, rabbits and others, but my love towards cats is higher. I am an owner of 6 kittens and their mother. I’d like to share my experience on how this stray kitty came into my entire life and became an inseparable person in us.

There are various problems, when you bring a stray kitty at home. The safety of your family and yourself will be the most crucial thing to consider when you choose to raise a stray cat at home. Moreover, you should be very patient, till the kitty gets comfortable your own house.

Vet visit – You need to first take your cat to veterinarian for complete check-up and to see if he/she is had to endure any disease. Make sure to give all the required vaccinations. Clean, peaceful room – You should allot a clean and silent room for your feline friend for first couple of days. If you’ve other pets, avoid meeting them in person.

It can help them feel safer. Toys – Get some good toys, made for cats specifically, which will help them, make their time more enjoyable and they’ll come to know the comfort they have residing at your home. You can buy a little mouse toy or a stick with a string.

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Facilities – Being truly a new member, you should take care of your cat by offering healthy food, fresh water and a litter box. Get yourself a blanket where your kitty can rest. Given enough time to your kitty to be utilized to your house – Offer plenty of time to your cat where she can sense the safety of herself and become used to your house.

Always treat her with love. Never push her to do anything that you love. Let her explore things on her behalf own way. As being a cat owner I fully understand that how it’s luring to pick up the cat and cuddle with her. But don’t ever do that with your brand-new kitty. She will eventually away run.

Instead, let her come for you. It shall remember to produce a connection between you two, but it will definitely. Spend quality time – Spend quality time with your cat where she shall get accustomed to you. Communicate more to her. This will help create a trust and a solid relationship eventually.