How Much Was THE MONEY Discount?


How Much Was THE MONEY Discount?

2. Write the percent as a decimal Round to the nearest thousandth if the department will not terminate. 3. Lots is reduced by 40% to 180. What is the initial amount? 4. The grades earned by student on a mid- term business mathematics exam are shown on the right.

Fill out the bottom regularity distribution. 5. Solve for x. Remember to perform a check. 3,000 with a simple annual interest of 15% was made on June 17 and was credited on August 17. Find the exact interest. Click the icon to see the table of the sequential number for times of the entire year.

7. Solve for the unidentified in the relevant question. 8. Aside today to produce the required future amount Find the amount that should be established. 12.41 each hour but is getting a 4% increase. What’s his new income per hour to the nearest cent? 10. Solver for the unfamiliar in the formula. 390. Find the value. Round to the nearest cent.

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16,000 to pay cash for a Ventura Van, which he plans to purchase in one year? He can invest at 1.8% annually, compounded annually. 320. The cost is %86. Find the markup of the compact disc player. 550. The costs was paid by him on March 12. How much was the money discount?

16. Solve for the unknown is formula. Find the speed of markup predicated on cost. Find the pace of markup predicated on value. 659.60, which is 170% of the cost. Find the speed of markup. 19. A genuine number increase from 2,107 to 7,240. Find the quantity of increase. 660 if a discount rate of 10% is offered. 35. Find the markdown amount an the rate of markdown.

1,200 at 14% for 3 years compounded yearly. Find the near future value and the compounded interest paid on the loan. Compare the compound interest with simple interest for the same period. 2,200 in one yr if the interest rate is 7.5% annually, compounded annually. 2,500 for 3 years at a simple interest rate of 12% per year. 30. A company managers a digital equipment store and has ordered 200 remote managed color TVs for a particular sale.

250 with a trade discount group of 7/8/4. Find the web price of the order utilizing the net decimal comparative. 31. Financing is made for 90 months. Convert the right time for you to years. Choose the correct answer below. Find the pace of markup based on cost. Select the correct choice and complete any answer boxes within your choice below.

12.74 and an individual trade discount rate of 40% is allowed. 221 with a trade discount group of 5/15/15. Which is the better deal if all other aspects of the offer, such as delivery, time of availability, and warranty are the equivalent or same? Which is way better deal? 221 with the 5/15/15 discount series. 181.88 with the 5/15/15 discount series.

163,777. Find its asset turnover proportion. 2,300.00 after 2 yrs. The loan carries a simple interest rate of 7.2% per year. 3500. Express result to the nearest tenth for a percent. 22.13. What was the selling price of each pair of slacks? 43. A guy needed money to buy lawn equipment.