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Olive garden originally started as a restaurant in Orlando, located in Florida, United State. The specialties of this restaurant is Italian style. As typical, spaghetti is the primary core that keep the Italian’s business “Italian”. You can have it as breakfast as they provide soup, salad, and coffee; have it for lunch or dinner as they provide spaghetti and steak; or own it as tea time or dessert with some mouth watering cakes. Olive garden is not ideal for ordinary dine-in mainly because of the price really, comparable to other stylish restaurant like Italiannies.

After uncountable months of looking forward to some new what to flavor for in Mid Valley or The Gardens, finally our long wait has ended and the Mid Valley’s Olive Garden began operating in 25th May 2015, Monday. But credited to work issue, I could only get to dine in at 27th May 2015, Wednesday. Not sure if it’s just me, I’m quite surprise which i don’t see many people dining in this new restaurant. Coming to the restaurant, the staffs greet us with a warm welcome to introduce us their menu. They have some smaller menu in the event you want to bring back to analyze and decide what to have next time.

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The staffs are really friendly. They bring us to your chairs, give us the menu, and recommend something to us knowing that we are not sure of the meals there. In addition they reveal their all time offer of purchasing a main meal, you get a free of charge fill up salad or soup.

Repeat: FREE REFILL SOUP. Their menu don’t have an excessive amount of varieties. It’s fundamentally appetizer, spaghetti, steak, dessert, and beverage. The special thing about the drink is they have mocktails. Upon decided what you want to order, the waiter was waiting around beside us so we could make our order quickly. Again, what sort of waiter treat us is actually polite when taking our order and repeat our orders with a many thanks. The very first thing that get to our desk is the soup with the breads sticks. I order Pasta e Fegioli which flavor like Borsch soup, or in Cantonese it is called by us ABC soup, but this is has much salty flavor plus some pasta with other stuff inside.

You are absolve to add more cheese in to the soup if you’d like. I added just a little, not sure in the event that’s the matter that cause it’s saltiness. My darling order this Chicken & Gnocchi which taste like mushroom creamy soup. That one is not creamy and taste just good too.

Not too heavy, not creamy or milky too, flavor good with some potato and chicken inside. This bread stick is one of their signature and served to us combined with the soup. The loaf of bread sticks is extremely good! The bread itself is a little hard, however the taste in the within is actually nice and you will feel the great taste in every single bite. With some sodium or cheese on top of the breads, the breads is just a little salty but it’s excellent while eating with the soup.

I prefer the Chiken & Gnocchi soup with the loaf of bread. Not after the soup and breads sticks are offered long, my Cappuccino (RM8.90) has finally showed up. It’s just a little unforeseen because I didn’t encounter Cappuccino with so much cream at the top. It’s just taste fine, not a glass of Cappuccino that flavor that great. And lastly, our main food is offered after some wait around.

My darling do a bit of of research so this is exactly what she made a decision to order before she step into Olive Garden: Shrimp Aglio Olio (RM28.90). In short the shrimp has a lot of flavor. The spaghetti taste good. Nice consistency, not thick or hard too, not oily too, taste great just. That the whole lot is quite spicy Just. The Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara (RM35.90) could very well be the best food we had this time. The chicken meat is actually soft and tender, while blending with flavor of some herbal remedies or a few of their component.

The chicken meats pieces isn’t that much, but also not that little, and it’s really quite big. Next up, the shrimp is actually big also! And it’s really fresh, crunchy and done well. So it’s really nice to bite and taste great blending with other ingredients. Both folks got a taste of how “cheesy” their meal could be.