Marrying An Asthma Inhaler To A RADIO Monitor And A Smartphone App


Marrying An Asthma Inhaler To A RADIO Monitor And A Smartphone App

In 2011, Van Sickle created a spinoff called Propeller Health while he was focusing on respiratory disease avoidance at UW Health in Madison. Both asthma and COPD “are seen as a a persistent gap in might know about have the ability to achieve and what we have accomplished,” Van Sickle says. Propeller Health makes an add-on device for inhalers that communicates with a smartphone that information the use of regular preventative medicines and “save” medications intended to open up constricted airways. Thus giving the patient useful information on their smartphone or website about whether routine meds are being taken as scheduled, and it shows them patterns that bring about the necessity for save medicines. 45.5 million in investment funding.

It has 65 full-time employees, including about 40 in Madison and the rest in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. About one-quarter of the employees are UW-Madison alumni, largely from the Department of Computer Sciences and the Wisconsin School of Business. About 10,000 people are employing the system in the United States, says Van Sickle, and the ongoing company is expanding into Canada and Europe.

Generally, the Propeller Health system is purchased by health provider or plans systems, which will make it available to patients, through a primary treatment doctor often. Ironically, Propeller is succeeding by doing something that may be forgotten in the rush to make better treatments. Propeller has two other related roles. Van Sickle, who trained as a medical anthropologist, arrived to UW-Madison from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, where he specialised in the epidemiology of disease. Using its ability to monitor the use of both daily preventive and save medications, Propeller “can contribute information to clinical trials of all shapes and sizes,” he says.

A summary display shows most of a specific physician’s patients at once, “so you can quickly identify patients who benefit from a telephone call, an adjustment to medication or an exam,” Van Sickle says. The same system may be used to monitor COPD, helping patients avoid situations-like polluted air-that further impair their lung function, Van Sickle says. Amid ongoing doubt about the future of health insurance Even, Van Sickle views a role for a system that optimizes the utilization of resources. Asthma causes about 4,per season in the United States 000 deaths, and the consensus is that practically every one is preventable with appropriate treatment,” Van Sickle says. “Yet there are thousands of hospitalizations, and an incredible number of ER appointments.

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