The Seven Secrets To MODERN Leadership


The Seven Secrets To MODERN Leadership

Did you ever notice that In our American culture, we have the tendency to look beyond ourselves for leadership? Thats a trap. Isnt it time we appeared inside ourselves to observe how we can be the leader we want and have to be in the 21st century? I think so certainly.

Leadership used to be about informing people how to proceed. The supervisor was seen by us as “hero.” Managers were needed to solve problems, necessary for their technical expertise and their know-how. These were needed to keep the ship running in tiptop form! All our old leadership models originated from the armed forces, where people took their command from a few people at the very top. These models dont work in todays world. As the industrial age models rust, the power has shifted from people who sell, to people who buy. Todays business leader must a master juggler, and a compassionate listener. She needs to be savvy and intuitive and sharpened as a tack in business issues.

Most of most todays leader needs to have the ability to mobilize HUMAN energy, align it and point it towards a single goal – creating more value for the client. This, subsequently creates a far more profitable company. Companies which have high levels of customer employee and happiness happiness outperform those who dont.

I believe there are seven traits of successful market leaders for the 21st Century. Creative thinker – Einstein said, “The world we’ve created is a product of our way of considering” Nothing changes in the future without fundamentally new means of thinking. If you want to create a fresh world we have to first change our thinking and considering patterns.

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80% of the populace feels reactively. Creative thinkers thrive on the question “Whats Possible? ” Reactive thinkers ask, “Whats wrong? ” or “Whos at fault? ” Reactive thinkers reside in response and reaction to circumstances. Creative thinkers go beyond circumstances. Another quality of tomorrows leader is “Change readiness.” The Change-ready individual embraces change. The process is understood by them of change and how it affects most people, and is skilled at signing up people in it with the very least amount of dread. A lot of people do resist change – thats because it forces us right out of our comfort areas.

A leader knows how to go people out of their comfort areas with dignity and respect. A head is a Landscape Architect. Its her main job to build a living environment– called culture. Culture is the spirit of the business. Todays innovator is a master “culture-crafter.” He or she sculpts and crafts a host that stimulates, excites and invites visitors to be the best they could be.