Dividends And Compound Interest


Dividends And Compound Interest

My own TFSA profile consists of a fairly large allocation to dividend Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The reason for this? Simple, I want to grow my portfolio, not only by gaining growth of the ETF’s over the longer term, but also to increase my portfolio value by taking advantage of the companies within these ETF’s when they pay dividends. Exactly what is a dividend?

Think of it like this. Whenever a company earns big money, you could be entitled to a bit of that cake. Meaning, you can generate money from your investment through income the company make. It’s money free of charge. It really is your reward for purchasing a ongoing company. What’s compound interest? That is your ticket to successful investing. Over and above development of your stocks, interest performs a vital role to really get your portfolio to superstar status, the Warren Buffett sort of status. When gaining interest on your lump amount investment, you re-invest the interest. Now, when interest is paid again the next 12 months, you obtain interest on interest effectively.

You gained 0.25c interest on your first R5 interest received. See where I’m going with this? By re-investing your dividends into the same share, compound interest even more accelerates development of your investment. Understanding that amount of time in the marketplace will greatly grow your investment portfolio and generate wealth must not be forgotten.

It is paramount to remember that trading is a long-term technique for wealth creation. Let’s go through the top 5 South African companies with fantastic monitor records when it comes to paying dividends, and the dividend monitoring Exchange Traded Money on Easy Equities then. Click on link for Research by Mark Ingham or Radio 702 and click on Logo to buy share. I’ve mentioned which i am personally a large fan of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in several of my blogs.

The reason I adore ETFs is merely this. Diversification, low priced, ease of access and it takes decision making out of my hands.With one single transaction, you have access to an array of shares immediately. ETFs comes after market indices or styles around the globe and I could have offshore exposure in ZAR.

Here we have the divident tracking Exchange Traded Funds. CoreShares DivTrax – Includes companies which have increased or preserved stable dividends going back 7 consecutive years. SATRIX DIVI Plus – Consists of 30 companies that are expected to pay the best normal dividends within the forthcoming year. And there it is got by you people. The dividend paying companies and Exchange Traded Funds out that you can invest in there.

Thrive with EasyEquities this year? The information included on this Blog is of an over-all nature and meant as a guide only. It really is neither to be construed as financial advice nor to be seen as a definitive evaluation of any financial, other or legal issue. Individuals should never rely on this information to produce a financial or investment decision.

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