Vaccinations, Vaccine Science, And A New U.S. President


Vaccinations, Vaccine Science, And A New U.S. President

Vaccinations, Vaccine Science, And A New U.S. President 1

A second concern is that the Texas anti-vaxxer motion could grow both within our borders and beyond. Our country is so good at exporting American culture that anti-vaxxer sentiments and declines in vaccination rates could spread to other nations. If vaccination rates decrease in some of the large low- and middle-income nations such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria the results would be catastrophic.

We could reverse all the gains achieved through Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG 4, to reduce child mortality). The come back of measles to Texas and perhaps reversals of MDG 4 are especially tragic considering that the neoanti-vaxxer movement is completely steeped in pseudoscience and faux conspiracy theories. As a counter-top in PLOS Medicine this fall I summarized three substantial studies involving hundreds of thousands of children that obviously show no hyperlink between the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine and thimerosal made up of vaccines and autism. I also believe there is no plausibility to the idea that we’re giving too many vaccines and that we need to space them out.

What does all this have to do with the united states President-Elect? Claiming that you’re not opposed to vaccines, just that you want them to be safer or on a different plan, is a common deflection technique among anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists. As Trump exhibited, it’s ways to position yourself as fair while still perpetuating the false belief that getting the jabs is going to destroy the human brain.

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Meanwhile, there’s no evidence that vaccines are safer if they’re spaced out more-all that will is open a windowpane to disease exposure and boost the risk a child could miss a vaccine completely. So where do we here go from? It’s encouraging that President-Elect Trump chose not to repeat his allegations about vaccines and autism when questioned this fall by the scientific community. Therefore he have not repeated his previous claims post-election much. Less encouraging are claims that Mr. Trump actually fulfilled with Wakefield last August which he facilitates Wakefield’s position. For the present time, I’m willing to put that one in the unsubstantiated rumor category.

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