Enchanted Hills, Hilltop Plaza To Get Defined Fitness


Enchanted Hills, Hilltop Plaza To Get Defined Fitness

Enchanted Hills, Hilltop Plaza To Get Defined Fitness 1

A audience listens to Defined Fitness officials declare details about two locations for Rio Rancho. RIO RANCHO – There hadn’t been a “blue light special” in Hilltop Plaza since December 2014, but a recent Wednesday was a red-letter day for Defined Fitness. But, wait – there’s more: The long-rumored Defined Fitness site in Enchanted Hills can be a reality, in February 2020 at 4400 Jager Drive opening, according to the company. “It’s good to finally understand this space occupied again – it’s been an eyesore,” said Jerry Schalow, Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO and president. “We realize you needed more in your fitness needs,” Defined Fitness’s director of marketing, Maria Lamar, told the gathering.

The current site, on the western side of NM 528 and a bit north of High Resort Blvd., has served city residents to get more than 20 years. Defined Fitness itself started in 1988 as a fitness center serving families of an Albuquerque preschool, and the company’s five current locations in the metro area total more than 179,000 square feet.

Each of the “new” Rio Rancho locations will boast about 40,000 rectangular feet, with yard for mixed-martial arts, power and boxing lifting, Lamar noted. The Hilltop Plaza’s back yard would be the largest of any Defined Fitness location. A floor arrange for the Jager location on the ongoing company website shows a pool. The web site didn’t have a floor plan for the Hilltop location.

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