SRS Retirement Fund: Portfolio Update


SRS Retirement Fund: Portfolio Update

SRS Retirement Fund: Portfolio Update 1

Apologize for having less postings for the last 2 months. I have been fairly tied up with work, June so let me execute a quick upgrade for May and. The local market in addition has turned quite badly in Q2 and is truth disastrous on my profile quite. Hyflux announced that it will not pay interest on the Perps during this period.

I have written a post in Feb 2018 on how disgusted i used to be with Ms Olivia Lum but didn’t cut reduction on that position then. I am hoping the government bodies can look into whether she has contravened any articles in the Futures and Securities Action. In any case, I have written down the worthiness of my peeps to 10% of its face value.

  • Emergency fund (saving for raining days)
  • 2 months back from Northern Ireland
  • 50,000+5,000+5,550+6055 = Rs. 66,605 *10/100 = 6,660.5
  • Corporate Finance Firms

Lesson Learnt: Avoid being lured by the high interest rate and “visible” business woman. Lesson Learnt: More nimble on equity positions in my dividend portfolio. In June The trade in Facebook has proved well and I sold my position. One of the hottest “IPO” in June turned out to be the Astrea IV bond issuance. I managed to load up quite a little on both the SGD and USD tranches from the wholesale market. My IPO write up is here. This is one of the most secured bond (much better than Hyflux Perps). Additionally it is graded A by the ranking firms where in fact the banks will provide leverage against the purchase.

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