$270k/month With A Booze Subscription Box


$270k/month With A Booze Subscription Box

Today’s interview is with Mack McConnell of Taster’s Club, a brand that sells build spirits enthusiast membership. Product: Craft spirits enthusiast membership. I’m Mack McConnell, creator of Taster’s Club, a membership service for people who are wondering to learn about and flavor amazing craft spirits. Every month we send our associates the most interesting spirits we can get our hands on and teach them all about any of it.

We originally started with just whiskey, but we’ve since extended into 12 different tracks: whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, rum, gin, vodka, wine or “stock the bar” (includes all the above). I started Taster’s Club back in 2012, only, from my room in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. I’ll remember the feeling to getting that first subscriber, realizing that this basic idea may have legs. We’ve been lucky to have become to share what we should do with an increase of and more people. 270K/month in revenue. We’re thrilled to keep doing what we love just, sharing what we love with anyone who will give it a try.

Back in 2012, I had been living in BAY AREA, working at a huge tech company and got the bug to launch a business that aligns with my passions. At exactly the same time, I was getting fascinated with craft spirits from around the world and also became enthusiastic about reading and studying them.

Taster’s Club got its first subscriber in its first month; I used to be thrilled. I knew what I was wanting to do might have legs but had to take action as a side-hustle. I relocated to Paris, was working as a developer at a startup and could quit and work on it full-time around Taster’s Club’s first birthday.

This was mainly possible at the time because I was a bit of a swiss army blade, able to do the majority of things on my own (web/app development, operations, design, operations, sales, marketing, negotiating with suppliers, etc..), except warehousing/shipping. Because alcohol is so intensely regulated, no choice was acquired by us but to utilize third party, licensed warehouse/shippers to work within certain claims, which conveniently clarified some key questions upfront (dropship or keep inventory?). We started with go for shippers only in go for states.

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We could actually find them by just determining who the best e-commerce sites were working with. Finding a trusted means of portion customers in every 50 states has been a challenge from the start. Shipping alcohol directly to consumers requires a special kind of business license, and in many cases requires you to have a unique license for each continuing state you’d like to serve.

The “strictness” of rules also varies widely from state-to-state, meaning trying to satisfy orders at level will be a tedious, manual process if we had taken everything on ourselves. This made the decision between self-fulfillment and drop-shipping very easy. To find these partners, we researched the current e-commerce sites which were delivering alcohol with their customers and reverse-engineered which states they were shipping to and how these were fulfilling orders. We began with a couple of fulfillment partners and only a couple of “states served” and then expanded out as our income and customer bottom grew.